ATC Top Plus LLC (Limited Liability Company) is providing services for 11 straight years. We are registered for providing accounting services and business consulting services.

Fast business dynamic forced us to quickly adapt to newer market conditions and improve and acquire new knowledge so we would stay in line with new technology and new business obstacles. Being at the top does not only mean having a lot of knowledge. It takes much more than that. 

Our team

Every member of our team has space and opportunity to give their own opinion, and so far, that provided us with success. Our team structure itself and our different points of view brought our company to very professional level. Over time, this naturally resulted in creating a very positive image of our company.  When having a true coworker, competitor, timely oppositioner and curious tem member, with an exceptional leader, you can only expect honest and quality cooperation.

We have been building out image through time with a careful selection of workforce which led us to become a very professional organization. We do our day-to-day tasks with a lot of positive energy and in good mood. We would not be this successful if each of us was not a completely different individual. Therefore we could say that in our team, a key to success is:


Everyone would like to go right, but his choice is left. Therefore, every decision needs to be considered twice.


He always asks questions. Always analyzes the problem to its core and that leads to right solution. And yes, he will make you go insane, but most of the time because he will pinpoint your mistakes.


He will get on your nerves and you will probably be confronted a few times, but the final result will be much better.


Very similar to the critic. He openly points to flaws and mistakes.


A healthy competition never hurt anyone. This is a person that is always competing, and he is always looking for the best of his team members and you.


He is very needed by every leader because everything he does he knows how to present it in the best possible way. He knows how to get the audience interested.


He gets his energy out of good relationships with other team members. He shares his ideas with the team, in other words, a team player anybody could wish for.


A real leader constantly learns. A team of leaders consists of individuals that have at least one more strength than others. 

Modesty is a virtue, even in the harsh business word. 

Admitting that there is someone better than you is the best compliment, in the eyes of others, you can give to yourself. 

The price of success is tough work, dedication to work, and the determination to win or lose, we give our best to the task that was in our hands."
Vince Lombardi